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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find your question below, please feel free to book your consultation for professional guidance.


What is the process for alteration?


Firstly, you will be welcomed into the atelier to have a discussion about your expectations and vision for your garment as a consultation. If you have any doubts or questions about your dream garment, Tailoress Rita Cassia will share her professional suggestions and guide you throughout the process.


Secondly, your measurements will be taken. The follow up will be the fitting stage depending to the needs of the request.


Generally, there will be 3 Fitting for wedding gowns and 2 Fitting for women’s tailoring such as pants, shirts, jackets and dresses, etc. to ensure the altered garment meets the desired vision and outcome.


What should I bring with me to the atelier?


It is essential that you bring the specific heels/shoes and the underclothes such as bra that you are planning to wear with your garment. Since different underclothes and heels have an influence on the measurements, please bring the same pieces with you for each fitting.


What are the common additional products recommended?


It is recommended to bring with you any accessories that are desired to be tailored to the garment. Additionally, Breast Lift Tape or Hollywood Fashion Tape might be needed as well according to the style of the gown. Please feel free to book your consultation to see if these products are necessary for your personal project.


What kind of gowns do you alter?


All wedding gowns can be altered at Rita Cassia’s Atelier.


What is the price range for alteration?


Since each garment and gown has its own unique process and workmanship, prices are available upon consultation. Please contact for further information.


What kind of materials do you work with?


All kinds of textiles can be worked with such as woven, knitted, silk, linen, cotton, etc. The sky is the limit and just about anything is possible!

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