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“Witnessing the happiness of my clients in front of the mirror at the end of the day is an experience I wouldn't change for the world.” - Rita Cassia

Atelier Rita Cassia is a tailoring workshop/house with specialized skills to alter garments for women. From weddings gowns to women’s tailoring, your dream garment can be fitted to your personal shape with comfort and style. Rita Cassia is dedicated to serving clients with attention to detail who desire a proper garment and high-quality service. whether it's an evening gown that needs altering or a much-loved piece you'd like to revive, her professional guidance and skills can gift your pre-loved garments a second life.

Rita Cassia

Rita Cassia, Artisan Tailoress

Rita Cassia specialises in women’s tailoring and alteration with knowledge and experience over 30+ years.  Rita’s love of design and tailoring started at a very young age with a passion to beautify things and to create special memories for everyone. She transformed her passion to profession and graduated from a 4-year vocational high school for tailoring.


Following the steps of her entrepreneurial spirit, Rita opened her first personal atelier upon her graduation. Rita was not only an artisan tailoress but also an educator at heart. So in addition to accepting clients in her workshop, she opened an exclusive sewing training course in the town’s church in order to be the light and guide the way for young girls who share the same passion as herself. Riding the waves of creativity led her helping countless women to wear the wedding dress of their dreams, which inspired her to design her own wedding dress as well.

As Rita married and moved to the United States, she brought her special skills and profession with her as well. Rita, who has a talent for men's clothing as well as women's clothing alteration, worked for Men's clothing stores such as Planter's Exchange and as well as for women's clothing stores such as Simons Island Bridal Shop and Tamary’s located in St. Simons Island, Georgia. Even though some stores were closed as time passed, The former store owners, knowing her expertise on one of a kind gowns, willingly directed their previous customers to Rita for her irreplaceable skills. Thus, Rita Cassia continued her profession with her clients in her private atelier and recognized by her signature works in St. Simons, Georgia for many years.


At the moment, Rita Cassia continues to bring her personal touch to unique garments with compassion and love in her private atelier in Denver, Colorado.

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